Sunday, July 14
Backyard at Gruene House Concert

In the round with Adam Carroll & Matt the Electrician

Saturday, August 10

Radio East

ComboPlate Booking 25th Anniversary Party 






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Nathan Hamilton Music

This Engineless Hour  

is the first book of poems and photographs by singer/songwriter Nathan Hamilton. The selections in this collection were created over the last 25 years. There are thoughts and observances on the joys, surprises and challenges of being a father, husband, artist, craftsman and beyond all of that, a fellow human being. The title is a nod to that moment of quiet when the hustle, acceleration, rattle and chatter of the day have ceased and a silent space is created. A brief moment to sit and listen to the motor ticking as it cools.

There are two versions of the book. One is a collection of the poems themselves. The other is a full color version including the poems and photographs and is available in both soft and hard cover.

  *Poems only (soft cover)

​  *Poems and Photographs (soft & hard cover)


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